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Our trip to Rhodos
Rhodos city
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Rhodos city

Here you will find pictures of Rhodos city. Rhodos city is a city with 2 parts. There is a town that was build in the Middle Ages. This town is still very much in tact. It is surrounded by a city wall. Within the wall there is the old town, now filled with souvenir shops and nice restaurants.
There is also a modern part of the town. Here you will find modern shops, also restaurants and the famous bar-street of Rhodos. There is plenty of night-life in the high-season.
On the coastline you will find hotels and beautiful beaches.
Rhodos city also has a harbour, called the Mandraki harbour. Many daily tours leave from this harbour. Also daily trips to Turkey. There are also  cruise-ships who visit Rhodos for a day will be arriving in the Mandraki harbour. And of course the famous Greek windmills are to be found in the harbour.

Windmills in the harbour of Rhodos


The Mandraki harbour of Rhodos


One of the shopping streets in the Mideaval town

Famous square