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Our trip to Rhodos
Map of Rhodos
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Map of Rhodos Island


Rhodos is the biggest island of the Dodekanese island group and forth in the row after Kreta, Euboia and Lesbos. The island of Rhodos is situated in the South-East corner of the Egeish Sea, on a short distance from the South-West coast of little Asia. The island has a surface of 1.398 square kilometres, and a length of 220 km. There are about 90.000 in habitants.
Most of the beaches are not covered with sand, but with rocks, stones, and flint. Although there are some sand beaches to be found!
The island is covered with hills, bluffs mountains. The East side of the hills on the island are dry and rocky in the summer, while the West side is more covered with trees.
The island has a meditteranian climate, with mild winters, and hot and dry summers. It can be quite windy in the summer, which makes the temperature nice.
The island has several beautiful and old towns to visit, such as Rhodos town itself, Lindos, Koskinou, and others. It is worth a visit!

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