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Our trip to Rhodos

Dimitrios Restaurant

Here you will find pictures of the waiters working at the Dimitrios restaurant. Dimitrios restaurant is a restaurant in Ixia, Rhodos. It serves all different kinds of food; Greek cuisine, pizza, fish, etc. We spent almost all of our dinner meals at this restaurant. The service is wonderful, the food is delicious, and very cheap! What else do you wish???
We had a great time with the waiters and here you will find some pictures of us and the waiters.

The restaurant at night

This is Christel with on the left side Dimitrios and in the middle his brother Lazarus


Here you see us with the waiters, from the left to the right:
Christos, Marinos, Gianni, Stratos, and in the middle Lazarus.


This is on the left side Marinos, on the right side Lazarus, and us in the middle.


A hansom Greek boy: Lazarus!