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Our trip to Rhodos
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Symí island

Here you will find pictures of our trip to Symí island on August 27th. Symí is a small island near Rhodos. It belongs to Greece. On one side of the island there is an abbey and a little church. Many Greek people come to this church when somebody in their family is sick or injured. They hang little golden or silver icons in the church and pray for the person to get better.
On the other side of the island there is the town of Symí. It is a beautiful little village built on a hill. The houses are all yellow, white, blue and orange coloured.
Symí island used to be the island of the sponge-divers. People dive to get the sponge from the bottom of the sea. In the town of Symí you will find many souvernir-shops that sell sponge. Be careful when buying it, only the moer expensive sponge will last long!

The abbey
Beautiful flowers near the church
The town of Symí